How do You Love Your Pizza?


From all over the world, Pizza has always been part of the wants and cravings of any food lover person. Pizza is a single layer of happiness topped with extra-delicious spices and cheese to make it even more attractive to both the eyes and the mouth. Due to different cultures and traditions, pizza has a variety of flavors and toppings. With the growing numbers of pizza lovers, pizza restaurants are improvising their ways of preparing their pizzas in order to seize the interest of the people. Listed below are unique varieties of pizza you might not have heard of from the day pizza started enveloping our meals and snack times.

Pizza Ice cream

From the name of it, you obviously know what a pizza ice cream is. In Philadelphia, there lies a famous restaurant, Pizza Brain, known for its unique and tasty pizza that has been hit to pizza lovers from all over the town. Instead of mushrooms, pineapples, and onions for toppings, they use pizza-flavored ice cream as a substitute. You may look at it as gross but way back from years ago, ice cream and bread were matched together to create the best taste no one ever imagined.

S’mores Pizza

Last 2015, S’mores became popular to food lovers and food enthusiasts. A S’more is made through heating or baking a marshmallow topped with pure chocolate. Eating a S’more with a bread, graham, or biscuit would be better. Dimo’s Pizza, located in Chicago, is popular for its salty and sweet delicacy that features a thin bread layered with mozzarella cheese, topped with S’mores and chocolate syrup.

Japanese Sushi Pizza

Honolulu is visited by several tourists and food lovers with their popular restaurant, Shokudo Japanese Resto, and bar. This restaurant offers a unique pizza named Sushi Pizza. Japanese food lovers and American citizens are ordering this pizza due to its American layer of crust, topped with scallops, salmon, onion, and other tasty seafood.

Vodka Pizza

Hello to Vodka and Pizza lovers from all over the world. Pravda, situated in the city that never sleeps, New York, offers a Caviar Pizza soaked with shots of Russian vodka and topped with several eggs of fish and onions.

Deep fried pizza

We all know that Pizza’s are cooked in the scorching heat of an oven. But in New York, Atlantic Chipshop started deep frying pizza. The result is a crispy and crunchy pizza with a familiar taste of oil and fried spices.

5 New Technology Devices To Improve Your Life At Home

smart home tech products

Are you searching for the latest technology devices to improve your life at home? Technology has made it possible to control your smart home remotely. It has also made work easier by coming up with gadgets that reduce the amount of time you spend on labor-intensive activities, for example, cleaning. That’s by using technological devices such as steam cleaners.

Devices such as smart watches, Smartphones, a networked kitchen and remote control blinders enable you to have a smart home, which you can control remotely. The result is that you save money on energy costs and reduce incidences of fire, burglary, and vandalism.
This post looks at five technology devices you should consider buying to improve your life at home.

Smart Thermostat

One smart device you should check out is the smart thermostat. The reason is that it figures out your schedule and preferences and changes its temperature when you’re away from home. The result is that you cut down on your heating and cooling costs, for example, by up to 20%.

Smart Air Conditioner

The smart air conditioner works in similar ways to the smart thermostat. It figures out your ideal temperature settings and sets itself accordingly. More here

a lot of gadgets available for your home

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners have built-in water tanks that create hot jets of dry steam, which penetrates their mop heads to deep clean your floors. They enable you to clean your bathroom tiles, upholstery and windows.

Steam cleaners have many benefits including saving you valuable time, are efficient in cleaning and easy to use. They are safe to use since all you need is water and heat, unlike other methods that require chemicals and detergents. Find more on Karcher SC Steam Cleaners

Smart Video Doorbell

Smart video doorbells are other devices to consider buying to improve your life at home. They use Wi-Fi technology, which enables you to connect them to your doorbell.

They work by sending alerts to your Smartphone once your doorbell gets pressed.

They let you hear, see, and talk to the person pushing it before even going to the door and hold a remote conversation with the individual if you’re way from home.

a smart cctv system

Smart Switch

The switch starter kit is a blend of mobile technology and LED lighting that enables you to adjust colors and timers from your Tablet or Smartphone. They allow you to create and preset lighting conditions that put you in your best moods or enable you to relax. They are efficient when compared to traditional halogen bulbs and last longer.

What to Do When Buying Them

Make sure you read their online reviews. They enable you to purchase the best brands that meet your needs since you will get to know how previous buyers found out about their ease of use.
Check your budgets estimates and compare prices when buying these technological gadgets.

The reason is that they come at different costs according to brands.

Final Thoughts

The above informative post on the latest technological gadgets to improve your life at home, for example, steam cleaners should make it easier for you to buy them. Make sure you compare prices of different brands and read online reviews. This post

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Playbase: Sonos’ New Speaker for the Connected Home


Sonos was surprised. While the company had its eyes focused on direct competition from Bose and its high-end products, the pioneer of wifi multiroom speakers did not see the mid-range category of smart loudspeakers coming such as Amazon Echo.

While its iconic founder John MacFarlane passed his hand in January for personal reasons, and after a wave of layoffs last year, the California-based company launches Playbase, a sound base that slips under the TV. Most notably, his new boss, Patrick Spence, bets on a partnership with Amazon that will allow to integrate the assistant Alexa on all Sonos’ speakers, which hopes to become “the sound platform of the connected home”.

“Partners for a Universal Experience”

Why choosing to partner with a competitor rather than develop your own solution? “It’s the same strategy as the integration of music services with the Sonos platform: we want to work with many partners to deliver a universal experience,” says Antoine LeBlond, software manager. Amazon is the first but others, like Google Home or Siri, should logically follow. According to LeBlond, “it’s about focusing on our strengths, sound and music. Building an intelligent assistant is an extremely complex challenge that some have been working on for the last decade. ”

On stage, Patrick Spence gives a demonstration. “Alexa, play David Bowie on Sonos. The assistant runs. “Pause,” “What is the title on theof this song? “. Classic, the controls work as expected. Before the official launch somewhere in 2017, there is still a bit of work, especially to allow to control all the speakers in a multiroom configuration.

The current main drawback is that Sonos speakers, including the new Playbase, do not integrate multi-directional microphones. As a result, you have to purchase the $50’s Echo Dot module of Amazon to connect it to the system. But Patrick Spence said that eventually the company will directly integrate Alexa and the hardware needed in its products, as Lenovo and others showed at the CES in Las Vegas last January.

A fierce competition

After years of stalemate, the connected home seems ready to explode. The power of wifi routers finally allows to cover every corner of the room, and the assistants from Amazon, Apple and Google are the brain that was missing to communicate with all the devices.

So, with its multiroom mall platform and a loyal customer base – 30% of its revenues come from the purchase of an additional speaker – Sonos is well positioned to be a strong player in this niche. However, “the competition is fierce,” and the company “has to go beyond simple musical control and offer interactive interfaces and interactive voice services”  said Spence. The company does not want to miss the boat a second time.

New Gadgets Must Have by Millennial


As the internet and technology continue to advance towards a more complex system, so does gadgets and appliances. Everything started from simple machines like knives, pails, scrolls, etc. In the years 2016 and 2017, the Millennials or the Generation Y reached their teenage years. This means that the important breakthroughs are either made by these types of people or are being utilized by them. The Millenials are the witnesses of how technology dynamically changed and developed over the years. With this, they are deemed as the users of the present and the creators of the future.

Gadgets like smartphones, cameras, speakers, etc are emerging in the digital world and Millenials are surely embracing it. We listed 6 of the newest gadgets that a millennial should have. These are:

Venus Smart Locks

As teenagers, we want privacy in our own rooms as well as safety when nobody is around. Venus smart locks are specially made for situations where people forget to lock their doors or forget the keys inside. These smart locks are connected and integrated into the owner’s smartphones which allow him to lock and unlock his door upon entrance or exit. The lock is connected to the smartphone through wireless fidelity, making it more convenient for people who are fond of traveling.

Blu Bluetooth Headphones

Are you getting tired of messy wires while playing your favorite music? Millenials are very much known for the love of the latest music being composed these days. Their taste in music is unique and different from the past generation. People love to listen to music in their phones downloaded from Spotify, Itunes, etc, using earphones or headphones. However, headphones have messy wires that get entangled from almost all things in your surroundings. With Blu Bluetooth Headphones, you no longer have to be bothered by these wires. It’s robust and sleek design is perfect for outdoor travels and outdoor exposures.

Molo Wide Camera

Lenses are known to be pretty much expensive most especially those in SDR cameras with high definition. For Android and IOS users who love taking pictures of themselves and the surroundings, Molo Wide Camera is the cheapest lens for your phone. It offers a variety of angles like wide angle lens, fisheye lenses, zoom lenses, and a lot more above others. Molo Wide Camera is perfect for people who likes to travel to places with a group or a company.

Party Waterproof Speaker

Parties or Raves are occasions and events where most of the participants are millennials. If you plan to have a pool party in your house, try buying the Party Waterproof Speaker. This Speaker is perfect for parties (based on its name) with a very high-quality sound that brings out the best of the party.

Marco Polo Finder

Marco Polo Finder is one of the newest gadget perfect for forgetful teenagers. MPF is designed to locate a lost or misplaced item in the house. It can be attached to your keys or manually installed to your mobile phones. All you have to do is to shake the device and it will send a signal to your keys or phone via Wi-Fi or mobile data.


It’s Snack Time! – New Food Trends Today


What do we do after we eat? Eat again. 80% of the human population always feels hungry after eating, including infants and toddlers. Schools are required to have 2 sessions for a snack, one for the morning and one for the afternoon to satisfy the hunger felt by students during their study period in school. Snacks suffice 14% of our energy needs for the entire day. With this, thousands of snack providing firms and stores are emerging in the society. Restaurants and other food establishments are also improving their way of preparing their snack so that it would appear to be delicious and taste delicious at the same time. Here are the newest food trends in the society that will possible make your mouth water:

Jackfruit meat

Jackfruit isn’t a protein source but one of the vitamins providing foods in the food tree. One of the newest trends in the food society is the jackfruit substitution of meat. Meat, although delicious and yummy, entails several diseases like high blood pressure and some other gastric and intestinal illnesses. As part of the healthy and fit living, thousands of people have already substituted meats with jackfruits. The crunchiness and meaty taste of jackfruit made it the best substitute for meat.

Bowl of Buddha

Buddha’s Bowl has no specific type of ingredient. It is considered as the bowl of Buddha as long as it is consist of a majority of veggies and some other extra spices. India, being known to like spicy foods, mixed and topped spinach, pepper, carrots, and some other vegetables and named it the Buddha Bowl of India. Korea, famous for their spicy kimchi, has their own version of the bowl of Buddha, consisting mostly of spinach, cabbage, and black peppers.

Suos Vide

Suos Vide isn’t a food but a way of cooking delicious foods. It was first used in cooking or boiling an egg. The term Suos Vide refers to the use of a controlled temperature in cooking or heating up meat, veggies, and other foods. Suos Vide is very much different with the ordinary boiling of chicken legs or meats because its uses a specialize type of equipment that traps steam in order to control the temperature of the water. In this way, the all the parts of the meat and the vegetables are evenly cooked, making it more delicious.

Crispy Potato

9gaggers are familiar with the famous potato posts. But do you know that potatoes have been used by multiple food establishments for desserts? Just like how yummy banana chips are, potato chips are getting popular due to its naturally sweet flavor. The taste of potato is different from banana for it has a unique smell that makes changes how we perceive the taste.


Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach once featured empanadas in her cooking blog. This proves that even the most beautiful people eat the easiest prepared foods like empanadas. Empanadas have different varieties of fillings like pure vegetables, meats, or fruits; each satisfying the hunger of different types of people from all over the world.