Companies, organizations, and institutions focus on reducing the costs of running day-to-day activities. The advancement of computers, electronics, and the tech-savvy systems has helped in advancing this vision. Human beings are crafty and intelligent. Artificial intelligence is the concept to prove it. AI has been introduced in diverse sectors, including education, finance, agriculture, banking and even trade and industry. One specific concern that artificial intelligence can efficiently tackle is security, specifically cybersecurity.

Cybercrimes on the rampage

Cybercrimes are the order of the day for many online users. Those purchasing products and services from tech corporations face potential attacks. Imagine purchasing Individuals and companies have therefore lost billions of dollars due to financial fraud. With these challenges seemingly rising, security firms have focused on ways of eradicating such eventualities.

AI in Banking

With complexities of security issues, artificial intelligence presents a beam of hope. Through these tech systems, banks have found the best ways of curbing cyber-crimes such as personification. Banking systems have been able to trace criminals through AI. Artificial intelligence used in banking include face recognition systems. Therefore, AI has the potential of reducing online cybercrimes.

AI in reducing Online Cybercrimes

cybercrime and how to stop it with techArtificial intelligence is currently being tested in curbing cyber threats and attacks. With rising cases of fraud, the systems such as the face and fingerprints recognition can be introduced whenever payment systems such as PayPal require critical information. There is a possibility that the tech concept can be able to identify phishing. For example, in case a suspicious person or website is requesting for your vital and secretive financial information, then artificial intelligence will be able to detect when they use this information on acquiring money from your bank accounts.

This sounds awesome! With the ability to track the fraudsters, or possibility finding their information, AI can help in conducting investigations in cases of fraud. And, it won’t be shocking if one day AI is used in preventing hacking of crypto-currency wallets or exchange platforms. Since most people are investing in crypto-currency, there is a need for finding guaranteed ways of reducing hacking. Well, many companies including Bitfinex and Youbit, all have lost millions of dollars due to this intriguing challenge. Therefore, perhaps we can consider having AI covering our investments.

Artificial Intelligence’s role in increasing cybercrime

Sounds absurd, right? Well, AI seems like a good deal, until you realize that AI can be used in promoting cybercrime! The introduction of drones for a collection of top secrets and assassinations prove that AI also has negative energy. Drones have been successfully used in conducting investigations and photography. However, they have fallen into the wrong hands many times. Terrorists have considered the option of spying and conducting mass killings through drones stuffed with bombs. Considering this factor, the introduction of artificial intelligence in the security industry is a blessing in disguise.

Final Verdict about AI

The digital age has taken an interest in how to make work easier and efficient. Artificial intelligence has been designed to find solutions to areas where man has failed. And indeed AI has been God sent, always helping out whenever we are in a fix. Therefore, its potential introduction into security industry is helpful. However, companies and public figures have to consider countering the use of AI for wrongful purposes.