What do we do after we eat? Eat again. 80% of the human population always feels hungry after eating, including infants and toddlers. Schools are required to have 2 sessions for a snack, one for the morning and one for the afternoon to satisfy the hunger felt by students during their study period in school. Snacks suffice 14% of our energy needs for the entire day. With this, thousands of snack providing firms and stores are emerging in the society. Restaurants and other food establishments are also improving their way of preparing their snack so that it would appear to be delicious and taste delicious at the same time. Here are the newest food trends in the society that will possible make your mouth water:

Jackfruit meat

Jackfruit isn’t a protein source but one of the vitamins providing foods in the food tree. One of the newest trends in the food society is the jackfruit substitution of meat. Meat, although delicious and yummy, entails several diseases like high blood pressure and some other gastric and intestinal illnesses. As part of the healthy and fit living, thousands of people have already substituted meats with jackfruits. The crunchiness and meaty taste of jackfruit made it the best substitute for meat.

Bowl of Buddha

Buddha’s Bowl has no specific type of ingredient. It is considered as the bowl of Buddha as long as it is consist of a majority of veggies and some other extra spices. India, being known to like spicy foods, mixed and topped spinach, pepper, carrots, and some other vegetables and named it the Buddha Bowl of India. Korea, famous for their spicy kimchi, has their own version of the bowl of Buddha, consisting mostly of spinach, cabbage, and black peppers.

Suos Vide

Suos Vide isn’t a food but a way of cooking delicious foods. It was first used in cooking or boiling an egg. The term Suos Vide refers to the use of a controlled temperature in cooking or heating up meat, veggies, and other foods. Suos Vide is very much different with the ordinary boiling of chicken legs or meats because its uses a specialize type of equipment that traps steam in order to control the temperature of the water. In this way, the all the parts of the meat and the vegetables are evenly cooked, making it more delicious.

Crispy Potato

9gaggers are familiar with the famous potato posts. But do you know that potatoes have been used by multiple food establishments for desserts? Just like how yummy banana chips are, potato chips are getting popular due to its naturally sweet flavor. The taste of potato is different from banana for it has a unique smell that makes changes how we perceive the taste.


Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach once featured empanadas in her cooking blog. This proves that even the most beautiful people eat the easiest prepared foods like empanadas. Empanadas have different varieties of fillings like pure vegetables, meats, or fruits; each satisfying the hunger of different types of people from all over the world.