The AirDots are the “true wireless” headphones of the Chinese brand. It is evident that the latter are direct competitors to Apple’s AirPods. During the official launch of the Xiaomi AirDots, the manufacturer once again distinguished itself from its American competitor by offering a product at a discount price of just 29 USD. But what are they worth?


At first glance, Xiaomi takes inspiration from Apple with a similar name and style for its wireless headphones. The Chinese manufacturer’s AirDots are also white and have a very sober design. But you will quickly notice the differences if you look more closely. The shape is different since Xiaomi’s are smaller and more rounded, and they are wireless in-ear headphones. They are very light and compact. Their weight is 4.2 grams, and the size of the case is 2.30 x 1.45 x 1.30 cm.

The charging station also features a round design and white plastic. Inside, we find the two slots for resting the headphones to allow them to recharge. Two pins are visible on each of them. A magnet makes it possible to stick the headphones so that they are perfectly still during charging.

Audio quality and features

The Xiaomi AirDots feature 7.2mm speakers that quickly show their limitations. Music lovers will pass their way. Xiaomi had to make significant concessions to be able to offer its headphones at such a low price. However, it’s far from a disaster. The result is average but not mediocre.

On the functional side, I regret the impossibility of adjusting the volume directly on the headphones. However, the touch surface on the headphones allows you to answer calls or skip the titles on your playlist. It is also possible to use the AirPods to take pictures. Useful when you want to make a group photo, such as a smartphone on a tripod. You can also control Google Assistant from your AirDots.


The AirDots include a 40 mAh battery, delivered with a charging station which allows several recharges of the headphones before having to connect the station to the mains. To listen to music or a series in complete discretion, the AirDots will easily last 4 hours.

Each earpiece is independent, which allows you to double the autonomy according to your needs if necessary. Bluetooth 5.0 optimizes the longevity of AirDots. As for the 300 mAh charging station, it is very compact, and its autonomy is 12 hours before having to connect it.


Xiaomi strikes again very hard with a product that works on the boards of Apple’s AirPods. The Chinese manufacturer offers us a product with undeniable advantages. Indeed, the feeling of freedom is total. However, the audio quality is frankly not there. We unequivocally do not recommend AirDots to those who are looking for a high-quality sound experience.