1. Orion: I used to trap animals for their hides when I was a kid. I ran what is called a trap line. Fox, muskrat, raccoon and mink were standard critters. I’ll still hunt, but I don’t trap anymore.

2. Gud spelar: I won a couple of regional spelling bees when I was a kid. You know the one. Scripps.

3. Bon appétit: I’m a foodie. I love to eat and cook. I often go thru periods where I’m uninspired in the kitchen, but the holidays always provide inspiration. My favourite style to cook is American fusion. I love preparing meat and can wield a knife like a ninja in the kitchen (see #1 for early knife-wielding development). Believe it or not, I was a vegetarian for a seven year stint. I did this to examine health benefits, not for philosophical reasons. These days, I’m ambivalent about vegetarianism, and I’m bullish on meat!

4. An average day: I’ll read a Supreme Court decision, I’ll play with mathematical formulas, and I’ll melt someone’s face off with molten riffs on my guitar. Constitutional law, American history and science interest me to a high degree. Oh, and I’ll do some computer programming too. If we can talk Hylton (SCOTUS), relativity, and Patton in the same conversation, I’m buying the drinks.

5. Breeder’s Cup: I have an amazing son. He was born in ‘96. He’s named Haze after a Jimi Hendrix song. He lives with his mother (my ex-wife) in Arkansas. He was home-schooled until he was 10.

6. Resourceful: I ran away once when I was 10. I trekked two states away from home. My mother was not impressed with how far I made it. I’m certain she still isn’t impressed.

7. Adrenaline junkie: I’ve jumped out of planes, bungied, 4-wheeled, skied, scuba’d, moto-x’d, ridden snowmobiles, etc, but my favourite adrenaline rush is paintball. I used to compete on a paintball team. Love it. On the paintball field, I will “kill” you. (he says with a wink)

8. Politics: I was one of about a dozen people who kick-started the Tea Party movement, which was born of our response to Rick Santelli’s rant. I organised the first L.A. Tea Party event, February 27th, 2009. I was a vice-chair and delegate for a national party for a few years. I’ve never been registered as a democrat or a republican. I am independently conservative. I don’t suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome, nor do I think that Obama is “The One” unless you’re talking about neo-Marxists, then he is one of those. I’m disappointed that most of my fellow Americans don’t take their liberty seriously by failing to educate themselves politically, but have no problem acting dogmatic about something they’ve heard from someone else as if it were gospel.

9. I own tools, and I know how to use them: I’ve rebuilt car engines and transmissions. I can weld. I also got a state electrical license once when a few part-time opportunities presented themselves – one being the chance to bid on a 50,000 sq ft. Commercial electrical job. I’m convinced that this Ω is way more powerful than the one some people like to chant. In this, I developed a real-world appreciation for matter/energy we can’t see. I loved reading Tesla as a kid, but engaging in mere fractions of his pursuits was amazing.

10. Genealogist: My family has been in this country since 1633. Many notable early American historical figures adorn my family tree, including Lincoln’s primary personal physician. It might explain my penchant for some of #4. I take liberty very seriously. I believe that deadly force should only be employed in defence of self and liberty.

11. Well-adjusted: I tried to get in touch with my sensitive side once, but it tried to ball itself up in the corner and cut itself, so I hunted it down and killed it. Am I the only one who thinks real American males are an endangered species? Men, you have balls, use them for something other than half-neutered, emo, sexual pursuits. Otherwise, feel free to be gay, so you don’t procreate and perpetuate the confusion of females.

12. Pass the popcorn: I’m a huge fan of sci-fi and war genre movies. My favourite movies are “Saving Private Ryan” and “Dune”.

13. Eye in the sky: I believe there’s a creator. I haven’t met an atheist that can prove this, and I’m 100% certain I never will: Dirt + Water + Time = Life

14. Got ya covered: I’ve been issued a concealed carry permit in two states. I got a semi-automatic rifle for my birthday when I was 11. The rifle and the ammo stayed with me in my room. I used this rifle to defend our family when a burglar broke into our house. I’ve named pets after gun companies. Ruger and Wesson being a couple of faves. 2nd Amendment FTW!!!

15. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you: In the mid to late 90’s I was a part-time writer in the conspiracy circles. More specifically, I wrote to debunk many conspiracies. One of the more popular conspiracy sites still uses a logo I designed for them as homage to the work I did in the “field”. I have so many stories from this period that are absolutely hilarious.

16. Southern Pride: I was born in the south and I’ve spent most of my life in the south. I do *not* have a southern accent tho, but I can fake one like a pro. Those who know me well can attest to my ability to determine where someone is from based on their southern accent.

17. Bach and Roll: Music is how I exercise the other side of my brain. I’ve been playing guitar 26 years. I started playing classical music as a child on the piano. I can play violin too. I love music with tension. I have an affinity for any musical piece that is exceptional. I don’t dabble in mediocre or trite when it comes to this art. However, I’m not a music Nazi. I toured as a professional musician (lead guitar and vocals) for almost 10 years.

18. Is she really going out with him?: The ten years on the road were a blur of models, actresses, and hipster chicks. I dated a socialite featured in a large spread in Town and Country magazine, and I’ve dated a Playboy bunny. I would *not* do it all over again. I can’t comment about the things your mom did backstage back in the day, but she was at most of the shows.

19. Social butterfly: Or not.

20. Fight Club: I was in my first fistfight when I was 4. Since then there have been a few scuffles, but the MMA have made the scuffles more graceful. 😉 Damn, say “first fistfight” ten times fast. #fail

21. Pwn the n00bz: I started a gaming team that competed in tournaments in the “First Person Shooter” genre of computer games. We pwned the competition in Ghost Recon and Ravenshield. n00bz.

22. Breakfast Club: I was a huge jock back in the day. My primary sports were football and track. I was co-captain of our football team and set our school’s record for the mile. I also was our fastest 220 runner. I have no idea how that worked, but our coach was happy about it. I dislike running now as a primary sport. I like to run while doing other things like touch football. The youngin’s hate to cover the old man. Eat your Wheaties, juniors.

23. School daze: My first elementary school wanted to move me to the 3rd grade after my first couple weeks of 1st grade. Mom my wouldn’t let them advance me. I was bored with school ever since, but still had good grades. Never studied. I’m an excellent researcher tho – that’s one thing not having the Internet as a kid helped with. I loved books and libraries. Still do. I was accepted to Purdue University for engineering, but I toured doing the music thing instead.

24. Board room: I’ve helped sell 3 companies, including the last to Amazon.

25. Golden years: One day I’ll retire, and when I do these are things I’d like to do. Open that lunch-only restaurant. In my off time I will travel extensively again. I’ll visit with my foreign relatives. I’ll aspire to be the best dad/grandfather on the planet. I’ll take up gunsmithing. I’ll devote to science more than casually by further study of Tesla, Einstein, and simple things like String Theory.