As the internet and technology continue to advance towards a more complex system, so does gadgets and appliances. Everything started from simple machines like knives, pails, scrolls, etc. In the years 2016 and 2017, the Millennials or the Generation Y reached their teenage years. This means that the important breakthroughs are either made by these types of people or are being utilized by them. The Millenials are the witnesses of how technology dynamically changed and developed over the years. With this, they are deemed as the users of the present and the creators of the future.

Gadgets like smartphones, cameras, speakers, etc are emerging in the digital world and Millenials are surely embracing it. We listed 6 of the newest gadgets that a millennial should have. These are:

Venus Smart Locks

As teenagers, we want privacy in our own rooms as well as safety when nobody is around. Venus smart locks are specially made for situations where people forget to lock their doors or forget the keys inside. These smart locks are connected and integrated into the owner’s smartphones which allow him to lock and unlock his door upon entrance or exit. The lock is connected to the smartphone through wireless fidelity, making it more convenient for people who are fond of traveling.

Blu Bluetooth Headphones

Are you getting tired of messy wires while playing your favorite music? Millenials are very much known for the love of the latest music being composed these days. Their taste in music is unique and different from the past generation. People love to listen to music in their phones downloaded from Spotify, Itunes, etc, using earphones or headphones. However, headphones have messy wires that get entangled from almost all things in your surroundings. With Blu Bluetooth Headphones, you no longer have to be bothered by these wires. It’s robust and sleek design is perfect for outdoor travels and outdoor exposures.

Molo Wide Camera

Lenses are known to be pretty much expensive most especially those in SDR cameras with high definition. For Android and IOS users who love taking pictures of themselves and the surroundings, Molo Wide Camera is the cheapest lens for your phone. It offers a variety of angles like wide angle lens, fisheye lenses, zoom lenses, and a lot more above others. Molo Wide Camera is perfect for people who likes to travel to places with a group or a company.

Party Waterproof Speaker

Parties or Raves are occasions and events where most of the participants are millennials. If you plan to have a pool party in your house, try buying the Party Waterproof Speaker. This Speaker is perfect for parties (based on its name) with a very high-quality sound that brings out the best of the party.

Marco Polo Finder

Marco Polo Finder is one of the newest gadget perfect for forgetful teenagers. MPF is designed to locate a lost or misplaced item in the house. It can be attached to your keys or manually installed to your mobile phones. All you have to do is to shake the device and it will send a signal to your keys or phone via Wi-Fi or mobile data.