From all over the world, Pizza has always been part of the wants and cravings of any food lover person. Pizza is a single layer of happiness topped with extra-delicious spices and cheese to make it even more attractive to both the eyes and the mouth. Due to different cultures and traditions, pizza has a variety of flavors and toppings. With the growing numbers of pizza lovers, pizza restaurants are improvising their ways of preparing their pizzas in order to seize the interest of the people. Listed below are unique varieties of pizza you might not have heard of from the day pizza started enveloping our meals and snack times.

Pizza Ice cream

From the name of it, you obviously know what a pizza ice cream is. In Philadelphia, there lies a famous restaurant, Pizza Brain, known for its unique and tasty pizza that has been hit to pizza lovers from all over the town. Instead of mushrooms, pineapples, and onions for toppings, they use pizza-flavored ice cream as a substitute. You may look at it as gross but way back from years ago, ice cream and bread were matched together to create the best taste no one ever imagined.

S’mores Pizza

Last 2015, S’mores became popular to food lovers and food enthusiasts. A S’more is made through heating or baking a marshmallow topped with pure chocolate. Eating a S’more with a bread, graham, or biscuit would be better. Dimo’s Pizza, located in Chicago, is popular for its salty and sweet delicacy that features a thin bread layered with mozzarella cheese, topped with S’mores and chocolate syrup.

Japanese Sushi Pizza

Honolulu is visited by several tourists and food lovers with their popular restaurant, Shokudo Japanese Resto, and bar. This restaurant offers a unique pizza named Sushi Pizza. Japanese food lovers and American citizens are ordering this pizza due to its American layer of crust, topped with scallops, salmon, onion, and other tasty seafood.

Vodka Pizza

Hello to Vodka and Pizza lovers from all over the world. Pravda, situated in the city that never sleeps, New York, offers a Caviar Pizza soaked with shots of Russian vodka and topped with several eggs of fish and onions.

Deep fried pizza

We all know that Pizza’s are cooked in the scorching heat of an oven. But in New York, Atlantic Chipshop started deep frying pizza. The result is a crispy and crunchy pizza with a familiar taste of oil and fried spices.