Author: Edgar Jenkins

Everything Samsung announced at CES 2024, from the Ball.

Samsung recently held its annual CES press conference, unveiling a host of exciting innovations and breakthrough technology. The event, titled “AI for All: Connectivity in the Age of AI,” showcased Samsung’s advancements in artificial intelligence. Led by Vice Chairman, CEO, and Head of Samsung’s DX Division, Jong-Hee Han, the press conference revealed groundbreaking developments such as the chatbot Gauss and the highly anticipated Galaxy S24 devices. Samsung also showcased a range of cutting-edge products, including a transparent MicroLED screen, the return of the beloved Ballie robot, new TVs and projectors, a smart monitor, and a refrigerator integrated with AI...

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Gyroglove: The Hand-Stabilizing Glove for Tremor Relief

Introducing the Gyroglove, a groundbreaking assistive glove designed to provide tremor relief and enhance hand control. This innovative device utilizes advanced gyroscopic technology to counteract hand tremors and help individuals regain confidence in performing daily tasks. Whether you live with Parkinson’s disease or experience hand tremors due to other conditions, the Gyroglove offers a practical solution. Unveiled at CES 2024, the Gyroglove has garnered widespread attention for its remarkable effectiveness in alleviating hand tremors. Users have reported noticeable improvements in buttoning shirts, holding objects, and even writing. By stabilizing hand movements, this glove enhances both comfort and dexterity, allowing...

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SEC Approves Bitcoin ETFs (for Real this Time)

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has finally granted approval to 11 spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), marking a significant milestone for the crypto industry. This regulatory green light opens up new investment opportunities in bitcoin ETFs and provides a convenient avenue for individuals and institutions to gain exposure to cryptocurrency without the need to directly buy and hold bitcoin. The SEC’s decision to approve bitcoin ETFs comes after years of anticipation and numerous rejections. With this approval, 11 bitcoin ETFs will be listed on public stock exchanges, offering investors a regulated and familiar way to enter the crypto...

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There’s still time for Fortnite players to request a refund for unwanted items.

If you’re a Fortnite player in the United States and have made purchases within the game that you didn’t intend to, you may be eligible for a refund. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has extended the refund process until February 29, 2024, allowing players to reclaim their in-game currency and seek reimbursement for unintended charges. This settlement comes as a result of a case against Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, and has allocated $245 million specifically for refunds. To be eligible for a refund, players must have been charged in-game currency for items they did not mean to...

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Sony unveils new PlayStation Plus subscription

The Playstation Plus or PS+ subscription system is getting a major makeover with an announcement from Sony. From now on, PS+ and PS Now will be combined in a clearer offer, which we’ll explain in detail. Playstation is completely revamping its subscription offers at the end of March. The company announced in a blog post by Jim Ryan that Playstation Plus and Playstation Now subscriptions would be combined into a single offer, including three levels of subscriptions and services. Remember, Playstation Plus has been Sony’s subscription offering for access to Playstation multiplayer since 2010, and also included other benefits...

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