Sharing from the Microsoft 365 cloud allows everybody to work on the same page, see more ideas easily and quickly by using the familiar tools you already rely on. You and your colleagues can work on a document at the same time, or add contributions individually as inspiration strikes.

No matter which way you work, with real-time cooperation using Office Online or using the installed Office applications you get with Office 365, you on your team are always in sync. And when your document is ready for prime time, it is already in the cloud and available for distribution and presentations.

traditional office suite

Traditional office suite

Let’s start with a quick definition of the cloud: It is a delivery mechanism for your IT services. Instead of hosting servers locally, you work with organizations that run out of their data centers in a cloud environment. The cloud is an access-anywhere type solution; all you need is the Internet to access data and be productive. As far as security goes, the top cloud providers are going to have better security than most enterprise-level data centers. And not having to worry about managing or patching those servers on a daily basis allows IT professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.

Microsoft, through its Office 365, will allow you to use the cloud on your terms. You can do on-premise, you can do online, or a mix of the two and run in a hybrid environment. Email is one of the bigger drivers for organizations looking at the cloud today. Office 365 gives you a flexible solution that works the way your organization needs it to work.

Here is exactly what Office 365 can offer you. There are three server-based products: Exchange is your email solution. Some say they view email as a commodity, and they just want it up and running as much as possible. And that is really what Exchange Online delivers. SharePoint is a portal and a collaboration solution accessed through a browser, so a very familiar interface for your users.
It is commonly used for intranets, extranets, insight, document collaboration, and management. Lync Online gives you instant messaging, web conferencing and presence that shows your availability and integrates directly with your Outlook calendar. Office Pro Plus allows you a more cost-efficient way of installing the same version of Office you might go out and purchase on its own.

Microsoft cloud solutions historically run about four nines or 99.99%, so it has been a very reliable solution. You’re going to have 24×7 tech support, as well as antivirus for all the solutions. And as new versions of products come out, you’ll be automatically upgraded.
One of the things people always ask is, tell me the names of some prominent organizations that are running in Microsoft cloud today. Well, there are many options available, and the list is continuously growing. But Microsoft cloud works for groups of any size. Your company can be running the same solution as all those enterprise-level companies.

Office 365 lets us take our office suite and all of the servers that go along with it and move those to the cloud with a world-class productivity service. The services of Office 365 combined with the communication and collaboration capabilities of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online deliver incredible time-saving benefits for organizations of all sizes. Learn more with Priority Management’s Working Smart 365 training.