GoPro cameras have become ubiquitous in the 21st century, with users sporting this ultra-portable technology during all sorts of leisure activities. As popular as they are, GoPro hasn’t really been able to solve the one problem that has plagued its HERO line of action cameras since the beginning: battery life.

Given the small size of these cameras, it all comes down to basic physics. There simply isn’t enough room in the GoPro HERO’s tiny shell to accommodate a large enough battery. Take the case of the GoPro HERO10 – the company’s latest product – which lasts just over an hour in most use cases. Those wishing to use the camera for longer usually have to keep spare batteries on hand or connect it to an external power supply/battery.

To address this long-standing problem, GoPro is introducing the Volta, a battery and camera control handle that attaches to the base of the GoPro HERO10 Black. In addition to its 4,900mAh battery, which extends the HERO10’s battery life up to 4 hours (when recording 4K30), the Volta is also a controller that lets you control the GoPro with one hand.

When you don’t need the extra battery life, the Volta can function as a wireless remote control that has a claimed range of 30 metres.

While the Volta can be purchased as a standalone accessory in case you already own a HERO10, for potential HERO10 owners, the company wants to sweeten the deal by offering the HERO10 Black Creator Edition product bundle. And before you ask, yes, the Volta is backwards compatible with older GoPro Pro cameras – including the GoPro HERO9 and GoPro MAX.

Starting at $99

The HERO10 Black Creator Edition bundle includes four products. The first is the GoPro HERO10 Black itself, followed by two mods that GoPro launched alongside the HERO10 in September 2021. The Media Mod is an accessory that offers better audio quality from the HERO10, while adding an HDMI output. The Light Mod is an attachable LED light that could occasionally help in low light situations. The fourth product is the Volta, with its external battery and remote control functions. In addition to its ability to keep the HERO10 running for a very long time, the Volta also has tripod feet that can help users place the camera on most flat surfaces. The Volta is also advertised as being “weatherproof” and suitable for rain and snow conditions. However, GoPro still does not specify whether it has an IP rating.

If you are already a GoPro subscriber, the standalone Volta will cost you €90.99. Non-subscribers will have to pay $149.99 for the same price. If you’re more inclined to go for the GoPro HERO10 Black Creator Edition, existing GoPro subscribers will be able to get it for $649. For non-subscribers, the price rises to $899.95.