They are the kings of nomad computing. Ultraportable, sometimes called ultrabooks for the lightest, are compact, lightweight machines with long battery life. Despite their small size, these laptops often offer an excellent level of performance for everyday tasks. And many models, equipped with a touch screen, can be operated with the keyboard, fingers or stylus.

Not surprisingly, this top 5 includes rather high-end machines, so quite expensive. We also give you all the tips you need to choose the model that will suit you best in our ultraportable buying guide.  

Dell XPS 13 2019 (cnx38002)

Compact, lightweight, powerful and with comfortable battery life – nearly 12 hours of continuous use – the Dell XPS 13 Edition 2019 is by far our favorite ultraportable. This superb machine also justifies its high price by the quality of its 16:9 display and its ease of use. We also like the many customization options available on the Dell website.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Core i7 2.7 GHz

Okay, it’s costly, the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch, but its look and level of finish have not yet been matched in the PC world. And he is the champion of autonomy, with almost 14 hours and 30 minutes of battery work. At nearly 3350 euros, we are obviously dealing with a powerful Intel processor, coupled here with 1 TB of SSD and 16 GB of memory. Mention very well for the beautiful Retina screen.

HP Spectrum x360 13 2019 (13-ap0010nf)

The Spectrum x360 13 edition 2019 is a very successful hybrid of ultraportable PCs and digital tablets. Flip over its amazing 4K touch screen to turn the computer into a digital slate. Versatile and pleasant to use, the device also appeals to us for its 9.5-hour autonomy and its dual biometric identification module.

Asus ZenBook 13 (UX333FA-A3023T)

Easy to find for less than 900 euros, this lovely Asus laptop equipped with a Full-HD panoramic screen offers an excellent price-quality ratio. Very lightweight (1.14 kg), it can last nearly 10 hours on battery power while offering a level of performance that is more than sufficient for everyday tasks. We also like the richness of the connectivity and the clever number pad hidden in the touch zone.   

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

This new version of the 100% Microsoft ultraportable touchscreen PC offers a powerful and up-to-date configuration based on an 8th generation Intel processor. The finish of the 1.25 kg case is admirable, as is the touch screen in very high definition (2256 x 1504 pixels). We appreciate the (almost) 10 hours of autonomy but beware of the set of plugs, deplorable.